Wedding Cars for Hire in Uganda

Tips for Booking Vintage Car Hire for Wedding

Do you need elegant and graceful wedding? If yes, then hiring a vintage a must to book. When you think of wedding, you have to think about lasting memories and that is why it is such a special day for you and your dear one.

This day covers a number of incredible elements and colors with unique theme as well as more modern styles and trends thus making your day a magical one. During this day, each moment counts a lot especially when it comes to creating your wedding vision and so is choosing transportation means. If you have always wished to have something unique and special for your day then think about the Vintage car hire.

One may wonder what has kept these car models on market especially in such special occasions like wedding but it is just the romance and charm they make up which you may not easily find anywhere else except with vintage bridal car. To help you get that best rental car in Uganda, below are some tips

Reviews and reputation

Yes, there are many car hire companies with bridal cars but most importantly, how reputable are they? Not to end up in disappointments, the best is for you to deal with a reputable and reliable car rental company that have good vintage cars and that said, we are a few reliable car hire agencies you need to deal with and you will have your dream achieved. As well, you need to cross check online reviews and what others have said about it and its offers/services.

Make booking early

They say an early bird catches the worm and indeed it is true. Once you have made up your mind on which class of car to use perhaps vintage then you need to do the book side of it and preferably, do it at least 1 year earlier or your wedding date. What is important is finding what you desire readily available for your day other than rushing on last minute when you are caught up with time. Note that vintage cars are not freewheeling off the production line any longer and each year, they get taken out of service and this means once you find one, just know another person is also aiming at it. Meaning, you have to reserve it so long as it fits within your needs.

Car condition

Do not be like others, always cross check the car before taking any action. You can look at the mechanical conditions, body prior signing an agreement. Also, check if it is better air condition, lights, windows, doors and if its interior and exterior is well maintained.

License and insurance

Always consider booking a car with a car rental company that has insurance otherwise booking with one that doesn’t have, means you will be liable in case of accident. Not to be in such cases, make sure that you deal with a trustworthy, insured and licensed company. You can even go ahead to ask for a copy of the license or insurance to cross check.

Check the cost of vintage car

Each car hire company sets a price to its car hire and so are vintage car rentals. When booking, make sure that you ask if there hidden fees so as not to be left in surprises. Inquire there are also other offers that come along the set price.

Take note of decoration

Interestingly, vintage cars do come in different colors and can match with your wedding needs. Therefore, you need to make a choice on that which matches your wedding theme.

Avoid double reservation

When booking, make sure that you do not do it twice as you are only making reservation for that particular day. Why don’t you need to double book? Double booking may come with additional charge which you never planned for.

Check through the replacement policy

Normally, some bridal car hire dealers do have policy where they can replace a car you chose with another in case of break down. In case of vintage, higher chances are that you will need the replacement service than with a modern vehicle.

Confirm parking arrangements

Cross check the parking arrangements with the venues to ensure that there is another ideal place for your wedding car to wait. Vintage cars in most cases come in larger sizes compared to the latest models and can be challenging for one to maneuver. This means you need adequate space for your driver to be in position to park.






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