Self Drive Vs Guided Safaris in Uganda

When it comes to Uganda holiday safaris, holidaymakers choose between self-drive tours and driver guided safaris. A self-drive in Uganda by itself entirely involves visitors driving his or herself with no driver guide to explore and experience distinct tourist destinations Uganda boasts of as one of the Africa’s leading destinations.

However, what is interesting about the 2 is that, each of them rewards safari-goers with the most memorable experiences. Uganda is a beautiful travel destination, endowed with abundant wildlife, birds making it one of the most preferred destination by nature lovers. In this article, we take you through the advantages that come with self-drive tours over driver guided safari holidays in Uganda.


Safari goers on a self-drive trip in Uganda enjoy a more flexible road trip than while on a driver guided safari. You have opportunity to make a stop visit at any tourist site as you wish unlike the driver guided safari. Besides, you can begin your tour any time you desire and end it at the time you want. But this may depend on the destination you plan to be for a safari holiday.


A self-drive road trip is generally one of the cheapest options to explore Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Unlike guided safaris, a self-drive in Uganda doesn’t need holidaymakers to have additional fees to hire a driver guide. However, this applies to visitors with valid international driving license which also makes it one of the best alternative ways to save on your road trip for other things.


A self-drive safari lets you enjoy a road trip without getting into contact with the strangers. Everyone requires privacy and, in most cases, visitors find it hard to bond with strangers or even something annoying and inconveniencing. This is why a self-drive trip should be your bucket-list travel experience on Uganda safari holiday.

Opportunity to take the best pictures

Embarking on a self-drive in Uganda presents visitors a chance to make a stop in order to take clear pictures and video at their own time. There is no need to rush when taking photos while on a self-drive which isn’t a case with driver guided safaris. Photography makes part of visitors’ memories while on Uganda holiday safari.


Choosing a self-drive road trip while on Uganda safaris guarantees you of ultimate comfort. While on a self-drive, holidaymakers don’t need to fight for a window seat with strangers. You have plenty of room to sit comfortably, to pack your cargo and for you to stretch the legs. Such ultimate comfort can’t be got while you are on driver guided safaris.








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