Self Drive Uganda with a Pop-Up Roof Car

Uganda is no doubt one of the best safari Destinations in Africa. Visitors explore the country in any way they prefer; some decide to do all inclusive safaris and others decide to do self-driving to enjoy the privacy and other benefits for such an option.

Going on a Self-drive Uganda is currently very common and it involves hiring a car and drive on your own to tour the magnificent country. Many types of cars can be hired; mostly 4×4 safari vehicles can be a perfect option. It depends on the clients Itinerary, but when the personal itinerary includes wildlife, self-drive Uganda with pop up roof car is the best option. It gives a clear view of animals and clear photos.

In the National parks where game drives are conducted, put up your pop-up roof to enjoy the wildness better. Drive with pop up roof car in wildlife parks like Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Kidepo valley, lake Mburo, Semuliki and etc. The scenery will spectacular.

Game drives is the main activity in wildlife National Park, it’s better to plan your self-drive trip to Uganda in order to enjoy without limitations. At 4x4rentalsuganda, we offer cars with pop up roof, some of them include, Land cruiser V8, Land cruiser GX, safari land cruisers jeeps and etc.

Can I drive with the local driving license in Uganda

Yes, you can drive with the local valid driving license from your country in Uganda. When the traffic offer stops you on the road, they will need to look at your driving license whether it is valid, look at condition of the car, check on the insurance etc., and if all is okay and you have not been over speeding, they will let you go.

What about international driving license

It’s possible to drive with the local driving license from the visitors’ home country but it is also the best option to have the international driving license. Visitors with international driving licenses can be allowed to drive in Uganda.

How to self-drive in Ugandan National parks

Self-driving in the national parks is easy, as long as you pay the park entrance, you will be allowed in the park. There are designated track/trails to follow in the park, do not do off track there is a fine for that. When you are getting difficulties on where to go, just follow others cars or there is also an option of hiring park guide to get you through. For those who have difficulties in driving on foreign land, we have driver guides at a fee who can take you through the whole safari.

How to located the destinations

Currently it is very popular to download a map on mobile phone of the country/destinations where you will be travelling to. There are different apps which does it better. There is also an option a road to more provide more conclusive information.

Where to sleep on a self-drive trip.

There many luxury, budget and midrange lodges in Uganda; s Destinations, some are located inside the protected areas and other outside the parks. Booking in advance is paramount most especially in busy seasons. We also offer the service of booking our clients accommodation.

Can we drive two people on a self-drive trip

Yes, it is possible to drive two people with a rented car, inform the consultant when reserving the car and both of you the drivers will have to provide photocopies of your passports and driving licenses. Moreover, the two drivers will have to sigh on the company agreement.

Self-driving with rooftop tents/ Ground tent

At 4x4rentals Uganda, we also hire cars equipped with rooftop tents and camping equipment. This give a visitor a chance to sleep on top of the safari vehicle, it saves cash as booking camping grounds is cheaper than booking a safari lodge.

There is also an option of going on a self-drive safari in Uganda with ground tent, this is cheaper compared to rooftop tent, the only different is, rooftop tent involves sleeping to top the car and the ground tent involves pitching the tents on the ground. Other camping equipment remains the same depending on the number of people.

What to do when I get a problem on the road.

Our cars are well maintained but even though that’s the case, the problem can arise with the car depending on many causes. In case of the problem, contact the office through the consultant before doing anything, he will guide on the best step to take and solve the problem accordingly.






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