National Parks

There are ten national parks in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.Looking to taking a safari in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa? The country is blessed with 10 national parks and 12 game reserves that protect a wide range of flora and fauna. These wildlife areas offer great opportunities to those looking to game viewing in the national parks that are wonderful homes to unique animals that safari seekers chase for in Africa. Today we bring you some of the national parks of Uganda that protect unique flora and fauna. Some of these parks are less known to tourists and if you are looking to off the beaten path destinations, you will fall in love with these amazing destinations that have been less explored by tourists;

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is a fabulous wildlife park found in Northeastern Uganda. It has been voted several times as one of the best national parks in Africa. Less explored, it is one of the classic national parks where you can enjoy a true African safari.

When on a game drive you have the feeling that you are all alone in the wild reason being that it is the most remote park in Uganda. The park has arguably the most diverse fauna of any park in the country. It is particularly rich in predators, including lion, leopard and bat-eared fox. Black-backed and side-striped jackal are both present plus large herds of buffalo. Twelve antelope species occur in the park, including Jackson’s Hartebeest, Oribi, eland and Kipslinger.

Kibale Forest National Park – The Primate Paradise

Uganda is a home to many different primate species including Kibale National Park that contains the highest number of primates in the whole of Africa. As well as the chimpanzee, the black-and-white colobus, red-tailed monkey, grey-cheeked mangabey, l’Hoest’s, blue monkeys, and olive baboons can be seen during nature walks, along with smaller nocturnal species such as the bushbaby and potto.

For sure discover nature in the rain forest Jungle of Kibale Forest where the West African Jungle Meets the East Africa. The Park is the best place in East Africa for Chimpanzee Tracking and is mostly known for just that. There is however much more to Kibale Forest than the chimpanzees that is; there are 13 species of primates, 350 species of birds, over 200 species of butterflies, forest elephants, buffaloes, leopards and much more to be seen in this great park.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

This tropical rain forest is found in South Western Uganda. It is arguably the best destination for mountain gorilla trekking in Central Africa. Compared with Rwanda, Bwindi hosts almost half of the remaining population of the mountain gorillas.

Queen Elizabeth National Park:

This park is part of a much larger conservation area including the Ruwenzoris, Kibale Forest, Virunga National Park and Kigezi/Chambura. Almost included as part of a more encompassing Uganda safari through various national parks. The park protects impressive wildlife including the famous tree climbing lions of the Ishasha Sector, buffaloes, elephants, and more.

Kibale Forest National Park:

This is one of the best places to see endangered chimpanzees. Kibale forest has the highest density of chimpanzees in the world. The park is very popular to those looking for primates tours most especially those looking for chimp trekking in Uganda. The park also protects 13 primate species and is also renowned for some specialist guides whose penchant is for birds, orchids, butterflies and more.

Semliki National Park:

This magnificent national park lies at the base of the Albertine Rift. It is hemmed in by the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Albert and the Semliki river. The park is excellent for birding, scenic viewing, chimpanzee tracking and night game drives. Game viewing in this park is very impressive given its wild nature and lack of crowds.