Car Rental Contract

Main Clauses in Uganda Car Rental Agreements

While renting a car in Uganda, a traveler has to sign a black and white printed paper in order to take the vehicle for an expedition.  This is normally called a car rental agreement which means that there is a mutual understanding reached between the client and operator to hire the vehicle. It is not all above signing a black and white paper there are clause or terms and condition on which the hirer has to follow while using the vehicle. Remember a car is something that has a big face value so limitations and rules have to be put in place while the hirer is using it.

There are some of the main clauses found in most Uganda car rental company agreement so by looking at this gives a hint on what to expect when you are renting a car on your next holiday in Uganda.

Identification of the hirer

This shows the particulars of the person hiring the vehicle. The main particulars needed are the full name of the hirer, nationality, place of residence and occupation.

Vehicle description and the duration of the car rental services

This clause is one of the most essential as it talk about the type of a car has to be listed and the number plate. This justifies if the real vehicle hirer reserved is the one delivered to him/her. It further indicated the number of days a hirer is supposed to use the rental car.

Nature and amount of payment of the rental car

This shows the amount of money being paid for the rental car and also the currency of the money which is normally us dollars or Uganda shillings. The mode of payment is also mentioned that is by cash or electronic transfer.

Use of the vehicle

This clause explains on the condition the hirer is supposed to use and drive the car. This clause is so important as it limits bad driving thus minimizing accidents. It also gives a hirer the tips of how to drive a car in a foreign country like Uganda.

Damages and insurance

This is one clause a hirer must put maximum focus on. Rental damages happen often which are unavoidable and avoidable. This clause normally explains to what extent the hirer is liable to the damages of the rental car caused and what to do in case of an accident while he/she is driving it.  It further goes to explain how he/she can be covered against some damages that might happen on the rental car. Remember damages come with big costs so this clause has to be completely comprehended by the hirer.

Fuel filling clause

This explains who is responsible for filling the fuel of the rental car. In most cases the hirer is responsible for fuel filling while driving the vehicle. This clause also has a semi component of fuel refill where by the client is supposed to fuel refill the rental car while returning it. It might be full tank, half tank or quarter tanks as stipulated by a certain company.

Return of the car

This clause explains when one is supposed to return the car to the operator. This also explains what would happen to the hirer if he/she returns the rental car at a later date. It also talks about what to do if the hirer needs to extent his/her duration of using the car rental services.

Breach of contract

This explains the penalties given to the client if he/she violates the clauses stipulated in the car rental agreement.






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