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Can I Drive My Rental Car in a Foreign Country

Have you ever tried to find out if it possible for you to drive a car hire in another country? Perhaps you have a plan to rent a car in Uganda or any other country in Africa and you wish to cross borders and drive in a foreign state. It is important that you find out if you will be allowed to cross the borders to another country with it. This may also differ from one car rental agency or company to another however, most of them deal cross borders and this means that you have higher chances to get to that dream destination from Uganda. Regardless of the fact that you have this opportunity, the most important thing to do also is for you to take note of the set measures as each country may come with its own policies that you have to observe, the country you wish to visit to, car type you are to hire and car hire agency you are to deal with.

For this case, you may have to incur additional fee and usually this is what is termed as cross border fee. This is just for you to get your car hire insured outside its home country. Whereas you may have that chance to cross the borders with a car rental on the other hand it is also something of great significance that you understand the set terms and conditions. Other car rental companies do not allow their luxury or sports cars enter other countries while others do not accept people transport cars on ferries.

Before you think of crossing the borders with a car rental, first you need to let the counter staffs know that you wish to take the car across borders. You will however be asked to sign additional document or pay additional fee in that the car hire gets protected abroad. In case you simply take a drive in a car hire to a different country without arranging it, you will void any protection which is included in the rental. This denotes that in case of accident or perhaps the car gets stolen or even damaged, you will be liable to the costs. Besides, you might be charged for crossing the borders without authorization.

To cross border with a car hire means you have to incur some fee what is called cross border fee at a time of picking up a car. This charge extends your hire basic damage, theft and 3rd party protection. Once you let the counter staff about crossing borders, they can arrange to insure the vehicle for you so that you are on a safer side. Depending on the car hire company, the cross border fee is about 25 pounds. Others may ask what if I drop the car off in another country. Depending on the car rental company that you will be dealing with, each company has its own policies and a car drop off in another country may differ from company to company. Otherwise, you may incur what is called cross border fee as well as one way fee. The one way fees can be costly and you need to first check and make comparison online to find which company has the cheapest. In case your plans are very flexible, returning the vehicle in the same company you picked it up from and crossing any borders within your trip can be that cheap.

In summary, depending on the car rental company that you wish to deal with, some car rental agencies do allow cross border tours with their car hire. Before you embarking on a trip or plan to hire a car, ensure that you inquire if they allow you to drive it in another country and if there are or no charges attached.






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