Budget Tips For Uganda Road Trippers

Have you been hindered by the road trip costs in Uganda? Do you wish to go for budget tour in Uganda? Do you want to save some money while on safari in Uganda? Most visitors usually think that in order to take a trip to Uganda, you need large sums of money prior the actual safari and yet this may not be the case. Yes safaris in Africa can be costly but to help you get out of the usual environment, below are some of the tips to help you have a road trip in Uganda.

Travel in large groups

Booking a group trip in Uganda can help you save some money compared to traveling as a solo traveler. With group safaris, you are able to share the costs and at the end of the day you won’t feel the impact of spending much compared to self drive tour where the entire cost comes to only one person.

Book the trip in advance

The early you book the less stressing the road trip can be to you. In case you wish to travel for gorilla trekking during the high season, it starts from June to September and December to February. Book at least four months before the actual trek to help the tour operator plan your safari as early as possible as this is a period there very many people traveling into Uganda for the same experience. If you are interested in visiting the park during the low season, it begins around March, April, May and November. This also means that you need to plan for your accommodation early. Most western visitors tend to come to Uganda for safaris around this the peak season as well the low season which also the wet season. Some lodging and accommodation facilities tend to be fully occupied during the peak season compared to the low season when few visitors come to the park and some lodges remain vacant. This means some lodges reduce the cost of accommodation during off season compared to the high season when prices remain normal.

Plan for the car to be used

Depending on the number of travelers but the best car to hire for large groups is the bus and for fewer travelers you can get a land cruiser. Do not hire so many cars when you on a group safari consider budget car hire and you will enjoy the trip in Uganda.

Purchase Uganda visa

Buying a Uganda visa in Entebbe International Airport can cost like $50 without mailing costs and even photo costs which may not be the case with booking it at home.

Foreign exchange

Uganda is cash based economy but US dollars and Euros are also allowed. There are many bureaus around Uganda for you to exchange your dollars to shillings to help you with purchasing in restaurants or other market places that you will visit or even when you need to tip a driver guide or waiter and waitress.

Places to eat from

When you are on safari in Uganda, it doesn’t mean that you do not have to eat. There are luxury and budget places where you can go and have something at the end of the day. In Kampala you get a place to eat at five dollars.

In conclusion, Uganda is an ever growing tourism destination. Each and everyday, new tour company come up. This means that even budget travelers are catered for while on safari in Uganda. Before considering a budget trip to Uganda, there are several factors that need to be put into consideration so as to guide you in making your trip successful. Enjoy your budget road trips in Uganda with us and have memorable experiences of lifetime.






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