Entebbe Transfer

5 Benefits of Hiring a Private Car Transfer from Entebbe

Entebbe Airport is one of the biggest airports in eastern part of Africa. It is the main gateway to Uganda and it is the only international airport within the country. This implies that all international flight schedules from Uganda are made at Entebbe airport. Obviously, once you step in Uganda, all journeys in Uganda kick-starts from this airport.

From this point, one may choose to use public means of transportation from the airport to his or her destination that’s is by using Matatu cars and minibuses or hire a private car that will take you straight away to your destination. Currently there are several agencies offering car hire in Uganda and these have greatly helped in organizing private transfers. Here are some of reasons why should rent a car than using public mean when you are travelling from Entebbe airport.

Reliability and flexibility;
A private car is so reliable as it picks a client at any time of the day or night. A traveler cannot get worried of going to travel in late in the night as some flights reach Entebbe airport late in the night. They are so flexible to an extent that they do not operate a one route system anywhere one wants to be taken it is at one’s service.

So fast in service provision;
These cars are faster that public means in helping you reaching your preferred destination. Once you choose to hire a private car, just be guaranteed that there will be no stop over on the way. The private car will lead one directly to you desired destination.

Comfortability of private cars.
The feeling and comfort you enjoy in your own personal car is the same feeling you are subjected to once you opt for a private car. There is room for stretching your legs and also your luggage has space where it can be placed and no need to carry it while seated and the space inside them is enough for you without rubbing shoulder with any other passenger as you are the only passenger in the car.

Less costly in long run;
Remember, there is no need of adding extra costs since all costs are catered for and covered in the fee you pay as it may not be in case of a public mean of transportation. Remember, most of the public transport Service providers will charge you extra cost for your luggage but there is no extra charge for luggage once you use private means.  It also becomes quite expensive when one uses the public means which involves boarding different carriers when one reaches a certain point and also the fares charged by these public means are not standard as they charge according to the prevailing transport situation along the road.

Security provision;
One is safer once when he travels privately than going public. Here, a traveler is more safe and secure with his or her luggage as these private cars are always attached to car rental companies that are registered legal for the job. There is always only one passenger travelling in the car so no one can take the passenger’s belongings.






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